Enjoy a Karaoke party with a Limo from November Limousine. Party in style in St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater or throughout Tampa Bay with our Karaoke Limousines


Karaoke is a fusion of two Japanese words “kara” and “okesutora” which translates into “empty orchestra.” Pronounced “ka-rah-oh-kay”, this phenomenon that allows anyone to be a singer with the music and words provided to you on a screen.

Karaoke was a huge Asian entertainment trend and it became very popular in the US with the start of karaoke bars and lounges. Technology has played a major part in enhancing the trend. There are many types of karaoke machines and players, video machines, intuitive microphones, and even video games.

Its popularity has spread so much that Karaoke can be experienced just about anywhere: at home, in restaurants, clubs, and now when you rent with November Limousine.

If you are planning a special event with your friends, like a Girls Night Out, Bachelor or Bachelorette party and renting with November Limousine, why not consider adding karaoke into the party mix? Instead of heading to a crowded, smoky karaoke bar, or spend tons on money on a machine that you won’t use regularly, you can still have a karaoke party on your special night out.


November Limousine is now offering karaoke machines to passengers to enhance their special occasion. Don’t just listen to the music; you and your friends can make the music. The latest karaoke machines in our stretch Excursion and Hummer limos offer thousands of songs to choose from: rock, pop, love, 80’s, 90’s, country, and many more to put everyone into a party mood.


Karaoke Possibilities Are Endless:

  • Get psyched before heading to a sporting event
  • En route to prom or a party
  • Get the party started for bachelor and bachelorette outings
  • Have a sing a long before you see a play or musical


No matter the occasion, adding karaoke to your already exciting and luxurious November Limousine experience can only add to the fun!